Dubai: My Experience Dune Bashing in the Desert… on Youtube

Dubai: My Experience Dune Bashing in the Desert… on Youtube

It’s Oneika the Traveller — in video form on Youtube.

Maybe it’s because I don’t own a television set, but I watch a lot a Youtube.  Especially lately since I have a some free time on my hands.  My taste in programming is admittedly girly: I’m subbed to a barrage of hair, fashion, and makeup channels that inspire me just enough to make me want to better myself (I say just enough  because despite my best intentions I never actually attempt anything new with my personal style — I’m far too lazy/boring for such a thing). My favourite Youtubers are the fashion blogger Patricia Bright (formerly BritPopPrincess) and hair vlogger/comedienne Chescaleigh, creator of the viral video “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls (I actually met her in person over when I was in NYC over the holidays).  I just discovered MadWhiteJamaican‘s channel (omg his sketch parodying the recent VW commercial had me rolling!) and am a huge fan of Shirley B. Eniang‘s beauty vlogging.

At any rate, lately I’ve been thinking about making some more videos.  I have a bunch of random footage from some of my trips from last year that I’ve recently unearthed: documentation of my sojourns in Dubai, Peru, Paris, and Spain.  I spent all day Friday reviewing the videos I made and laughing myself silly at the funny and bizarre aspects of my travels that I’ve managed to capture on film.  This past weekend I spliced together some of the footage from when I barely survived dune bashing in Dubai and uploaded the resulting mini-movie on Youtube.  

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure:



Admittedly, I have mixed feelings about joining the ranks of Youtubers, though I’ve had a (seriously neglected) Youtube channel for nearly two years now.  For some (perhaps silly?) reason I feel like bloggers and vloggers are two separate entities: that my readers who enjoy reading about my travel adventures wouldn’t necessarily be interested in watching them in video form.  Does that make even sense?  Am I way off the mark here?  I would love to know what you think.

Are you guys fans of Youtube?  Who are your favourite Youtubers?  And if I made more videos, would you watch?



  • Béatrice says:

    Bonjour Oneika! I think you can definitely combine blogging and vlogging. I am enjoying your videos! I read your blog often and it’s so different to actually hear your voice and see you “live.” I actually hear your voice differently when I read your blogs lol :)

    • Oneika says:

      When I meet readers or other bloggers in person I think they are often surprised by what I sound like! Too funny!

  • I always really appreciate it when bloggers do a video. Often I end up surprised even though I’ve seen so many photos of them; there are just some things that don’t come through in a still portrait.
    Jay @ From There To Here recently posted..A Friend Come & GoneMy Profile

    • Oneika says:

      I agree! It’s always so different/strange to hear someone you’ve only had the opportunity to read. Facial expressions, voice, accent, etc just don’t transmit properly through the written word!

  • Robin says:

    I’m definitely in the camp of separating bloggers and vloggers. I’m not a big fan of youtube and prefer to read about people’s adventures than having to watch a long video. I also think that some bloggers become lazy and only do videos. It’s nice to have a mix of both videos and writing, as long as the blogger doesn’t forget the original medium where they connected with their readers.

    full disclosure – i work in TV, so that greatly colors my views on youtube and vlogging.
    Robin recently posted..Apologies on the Lack of New PostsMy Profile

    • Oneika says:

      I hear you, Robin! You put it perfectly with regards to bloggers needing to be conscious of the original platform they connected with their readers on. My audience has gotten to know me over the years on my blog and I sometimes feel like it may be too much of a jump to completely flip the script and because a vlogger. I have seen a few bloggers make the switch… unsuccessfully!

  • Melissa says:

    I know all the youtubers you’ve mentioned except for the last one, White Jamaican is hilarious. I’m in two minds about combing the two. I think videos can definitely enhance a post and the two mediums do go hand in hand quite well. However I prefer to just read about an experience and of course see pictures.
    Melissa recently posted..Weekly Photo Challenge: ColourMy Profile

  • Ah you did it! We were just talking about this last week. Good for you! Onwards and upwards!
    Auscanucksarah recently posted..Easter in the Netherlands!My Profile

  • Making videos and writing is very different in my opinion, but there are certainly a bunch of bloggers out there who are talented vloggers too. I like the Expert Vagabond for example.
    TammyOnTheMove recently posted..Everest Base Camp chronicles cont…My Profile

  • Erika says:

    I do tend to prefer to read than watch (I’ll be quicker to read an entry than press play on a video), but I think mixing it up every now and again is always great.

    Also, to echo what some of the others have said: I was surprised too by your voice! I can definitely hear the Canada in your voice! 😉 Haha, cute!
    Erika recently posted..How Self-Sabotage Can Be Good For YouMy Profile

  • Arianwen says:

    I did this a good few years ago. It was the highlight of my time in Dubai. Great video too :)
    Arianwen recently posted..Scared Britless: High-adrenaline New ZealandMy Profile

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