Russia: A day in Moscow

a day in moscow russia

Sights and sounds from my first day in Moscow, Russia.

If I’m completely honest, travelling to Russia was never on my radar.  Primarily because the mere mention of the place evoked grim-faced locals, cold grey weather, and heavy Stalinist architecture.

But oh, how wrong I was.  So so wrong.




I’ve already chronicled in this blog post how my trip to Russia surprised me in the best possible way, and in this blog post I reflected on how, despite fearing racial discrimination, my black skin was never an issue during my 10 day stay.  I was duly impressed.

However, still pictures and words can only do so much to bring the city alive. With this in mind, I now present a vlog chronicling my first day in Moscow (my Russia trip was comprised of 5 days in Moscow and another 5 days in St. Petersburg).  Give it a watch and let me know what you think!


If you’ve never been to Russia, does what you see in the video surprise you? Make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel for more travel video goodness!


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