Escape to Mexico Part 2: Cocktails and Cigars at Paradisus Los Cabos

Cigar rolling and cocktail mixing at the Paradisus Los Cabos all-inclusive resort.

Fancy a drink, smoke, or a little education on Mexican cocktails and cigars?

Never fear– turns out that the Paradisus Los Cabos has got you covered.  For our stay wasn’t just about lounging around the pool and admiring the vibrant cerulean waters of the Sea of Cortes (though admittedly we spent a fair amount of time doing just that).

Nay, we also had the opportunity to take a mixology class and attend a cigar rolling course.

cocktails paradisus los cabos mixology

Of course, as someone who has never smoked a day in their life and happens to be a documented teetotaler, I didn’t necessarily fit the profile of the typical student.  Still, ever the astute learner, I applied myself to both sessions with zeal, even though I was unable to fully enjoy the fruits of my labour. #nerd


The Paradisus Los Cabos offers a range of activities for the restless vacationer. There are yoga classes by the sea, cognac tastings, and fitness and dance classes led by skilled instructors.

However, with Mexico being a leading producer of quality cigars and spirits like tequila, it was only natural that Liebling and I attend these two sessions.

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My favourite of the two, of course, was the mixology class.  Though I don’t know my margarita from my Michelada, it was loads of fun getting to pour drinks and shake those nifty cocktail shakers with reckless abandon– that is until most of the liquid spewed out since I wasn’t holding the cups properly.  Oops.


And of course, the resulting colourful masterpiece was a great reward, even if the potency of the alcohol in it meant that I only had a small sip before passing it off to Liebling.


However, the cigar rolling class was very interesting, too.

We watched as an expert showed us how to properly cut, roll, and light a cigar, then had the chance to try it on our own.



But to be honest, most of our crew’s rolling technique was pretty shoddy, and we ended up with cigars that were puffy and misshapen.  It’s way harder than it looks, folks!

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a pro to smoke a cigar, so the crew was able to enjoy a stogie at the end of the session.  While I’d love to say that I totally smoked a cigar in the name of “research”… I put it to my lips and was too scared to pull the air into my mouth, so once again had to enlist the services of my darling husband (isn’t what they’re for anyway)?

cigar rolling paradisus los cabos

All in all, it was a cool experience that I would love to repeat. Have you ever done something like this on vacation?

This post was done in partnership with the Paradisus Los Cabos.

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