A different perspective: Introducing my new “Black Expats” video series!

black expat african american in hong kong

My new video series chronicling the African-American/Black expat experience.

This year I want to tell other people’s stories more so I’m very excited and proud to put out the first video in my new series focusing on the Black expat experience.

But why Black expats/ African-American expats in particular?

Good question! Because, while so much has been said about the Black Travel Movement, not much attention has been given to the brothers and sisters who have made lives overseas.

black expat african american

Once upon a time when I lived in Mexico… Photo taken in 2007, when I visited San Miguel de Allende for the weekend.

As a Black travel blogger who is also a serial expat (read my bio— I’m Canadian-born but have lived in France, England, Mexico, Hong Kong, and now the USA), I clearly have a vested interest in putting this narrative out there. Besides, I get the following questions often:

  • Where is the Black expatriate community strongest?
  • What are the best countries for Black families to live?
  • What are some African American-friendly countries/ countries that love Black people?
  • What are the best places for African-Americans to live abroad?
  • Which are the best countries for Black people to visit?
  • What are the best places for Black families to live?
  • Which are the best countries for Black tourists?
notting hill kensington london black expat african american

I lived in London from 2011-2013; this was taken in Notting Hill, when my mom came to visit me in 2012.

Over the 750 or so posts on this blog (whoa!) I’ve more or less chronicled my personal experiences; I’ve said many times before that moving abroad is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  After all, when you live overseas in a different country and culture, every day is an adventure! In my years living abroad, I’ve learned a lot and have also been blessed to meet the most amazing people.

Black expats: my new video series

Which brings me back to this new video series of mine and my goal for this year, which is to highlight other people’s stories. This video series is a pet project and a labour of love: I interviewed my girlfriends in Hong Kong (where I lived for 4.5 years) and asked them to shed some light on their journey to Asia, the best thing about living abroad, their fears prior to moving, and the reactions from their family and friends.

black expat in hong kong african american

In my beloved Hong Kong, where I lived for nearly 5 years

This clip below is a compilation of their answers– I’ll release the longer, individual videos in the coming weeks on my Facebook page and Youtube channel (don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates).  So please sit back, watch, enjoy, learn… and be inspired.

Are you a Black expat/ African-American expat? Have you ever lived abroad? Would you consider it?



  • Curious says:

    So now that you’re in the U.S., oneika. Do you consider yourself an expat or an immigrant?

  • ChillJill says:

    I want to live abroad. I’ve been considering Hong Kong and Shanghai as places to start teaching first. I’ve been looking for input from other black people/ teachers living abroad. I’m curious of the pros and cons of each city. As well as which agencies are best for each country. I’m also considering more strongly Korea and Japan.

  • alana says:

    Great series idea. I know the ladies briefly stated what they did, it would be nice if possible to hear more about how your featured expats support themselves overseas. I know you’ve covered opportunities like teaching english abroad in other blog posts so more specific details about how those featured in the series went about (financially) planning for life overseas would be great.

  • Bri says:

    I loved this! Its so funny to see hair was a concern for so many because I instantly think of that as well lol.

  • Jonnae johnson says:

    I love this and I love the variety of women you interviewed. Im just finishing up a year in Korea and will be trying to make the move to Spain next. I related to everything those women were saying and I look forward to the other videos.

  • Kelley says:

    I saw this on YouTube and loved it. It’s a great idea! I’m a Black expat currently in my fourth year abroad. I spent two years in Venezuela. Now I’m wrapping up year two in Indonesia. Your blog is wonderful! Thanks for your continued honesty, tips, and openness.

  • Ayana says:

    I have been living in France for 7 years now spend 4 years In Ghana so I can totally relate to it. That’s a great idea I can’t wait for the next video!

  • Jen says:

    I’m so glad you’re doing this! I’ve asked you before about what life’s like for black Americans living in Germany. Based on what I know about that country, I have a request for your black expat piece on Germany, which might apply elsewhere too.
    Berlin, East Germany, Bavaria, and other parts of the West have different histories of black residents, so experiences there today would be different. Can you please try to include people from different places in the country, and label them very clearly? 🙂

  • Jen says:

    This video is great. I hope some of the others will also have men in them, talking about reactions they’ve gotten.

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