Stepping out in London: Yummy curry at Lahore Kebab House

Yummy curry in London? Um, yes please.

Can you believe that I had never tried Indian or Pakistani food before moving to London just over a year ago?  Yeah, me neither.  It seems ridiculous now, but I never dared to sample South Asian cuisine, citing my easily upset stomach and dislike of strong flavours.

Silly girl, I am.

I live in Brick Lane, a trendy area of East London known for its amazing Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and Indian cuisine- restaurants proffering these menus line the streets.  It was only a matter of time, then, before I succumbed to curiosity.  I threw caution to the wind and let my tastebuds decide whether or not I was a fan of South Asian food.

Enter Lahore Kebab House.  I ate there once and I was hooked.  I’ve been back about seven or eight times since.


Located a five minute walk from my London flat, slightly south of Brick Lane, this restaurant, as indicated by the name, specializes in Pakistani food (which, to my untrained eye, looks very similar to Indian food).  The smorgasbord of curries and accompaniments are difficult to choose from, everything is appealing and tasty.


The restaurant is huge, seating around 500 people, and quite the “sausage factory” if you’ll excuse my crude language.  As the area borders “The City”, London’s financial district, the dinner crowd usually consists of large groups of men in suits, having a curry and a brew.  The restaurant can get loud (when I was there last week a group of semi-drunk finance guys stood up and did a rousing, off-key rendition of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”) but the atmosphere is congenial.


I always order the naan (plain and garlic) and the chicken tikka masala.  The food is fresh, as evidenced by the scalding masala which will burn your tongue if you’re not careful (or too greedy to wait for it to cool a bit before eating).  The food, to put it very simply, is extremely good.


When my mom came to visit me in London last March, I suggested we come here, for a visit to London is not truly complete until one indulges in a curry in Brick Lane.  She ended up taking Liebling and I out for dinner, which I feel kind of bad about (she was our guest, after all!) but the prices are so reasonable for the amount of food we had that in the end I didn’t really mind.


Be sure to add this restaurant to your list the next time you’re in London!

Are you a fan of Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi food?

Lahore Kebab House

2-10 Umberston Street

020 7481 9737


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